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Search Engine Optimization | What is SEO and How it Works ?



Hello friends, In the digital marketing era, as we all often listen to a popular word SEO, it stands for Search Engine Optimization, but many people don’t know what is SEO and How SEO works? 

Search Engine Optimization is a very important process in the Digital Marketing field. without SEO you can’t rank your website in the Search Engine. 

Because search engine work according to the algorithm, and SEO helps you to create your webpage according to that algorithms and rank your website 1st page of search engine.

if your website ranks 1st page of the search engine so automatically your business successfully grows by organic traffic. So let’s see what is SEO and how it works?

What is SEO ?

Search Engine Optimization is the Process of arranging website and website content according to the search engine algorithm, so that google easily crawling your website and rank it fast in the search engine, its called organic ranking.

SEO is a technical process, it is a combination of web content, blog Title, keywords planning, Keywords stuffing, Keyword Density, internal links, and outbound link, that all depend on your main Keyword.

Search engine optimization is the process of creating a web page or blog according to search engine algorithms so that its very easy to find, fast and easy to crawl, and easy to index or categorize on any search engine (like Google, Bing, yahoo).

It’s about helping your customers to find out your business from among a thousand other companies in an organic way. 

What is SEO-Search Engine Optimization- DWB

5 Steps of Search Engine Optimization | How SEO works? –

1. Topic or Niche- The first step of SEO is selecting the topic, that you want to write on your website.if you want to make a blog so you have to select a blog topic according to your niche. if you have services provided a business website so you have to choose a topic according to your services.

The topic or niche selection fully depends on your interest,  business, and your skills, so select topics relevant to your blog, services, or your business.

2. Keyword Research-Keyword Research is the second step of SEO and it is a very important step for SEO. Keywords are the combinations of the words or phrases like the title, which represent your content and help to find out your website content online on the search engine. 

Keyword research is the process to find out the combination of the words relevant to your topic, which are more trending or more searchable on the search engine. for keyword research you can use more popular tools like Keyword Planner, Keywords Everywhere, Google Trend, etc. that tools help you to research the best keywords.

The keyword must be well researched and carefully chosen for the relevant topic. Remember to try to choose high searchable and low or medium competition of keywords. It ranks fast and easily compares to the high competition keywords.

There is some type of keywords such as short-tail keywords (what is SEO?), long-tail keywords (what is Search engine optimization in digital marketing?), and GIO targeting Keywords (Best Digital Marketing training center in Dubai UAE).

3.Content Writing- Content Writing is the 3rd step of search engine optimization. Content writing is fully dependent on your focus Keyword and topic. When you Write the Content, you must be implemented some points very carefully such as –

  • Your content should be relevant to your keyword.
  • Focus Keyword should be in the title.
  • Focus Keyword should be included in the page URL. 
  • Most Important is to Write Unique and Quality Content. It is necessary for good SEO.
  • Content should be above 500 words.
  • Write easy to Understable and readable content.
  • Use at list 3 to 4-time Focus Keyword in the content.
  • Use at list one image between your content, and set focus keyword as the alt tag of the image.
  • Insert the featured image & set the alt tag as a Focus Keyword.
  • Must Use internal links and outbound links in your content.
  • Set H1, H2, H3 heading, and try to use focus keyword including in the heading.

If you write content according to the above points, So that process is called On-Page SEO.here you can see what are the essential things, that you must have to do for SEO. With the help of the Yoast Plugin, you can figure out your On-Page  SEO score and make your content SEO friendly.

4. Indexing URL- Now we can assume you prepared your content according to the above steps and publish it. After publishing your content we have to inform search engines, that index my content or page in the search engine.

Indexing URL is the 4th step of SEO, it’s also a very important step because without indexing the URL search engine not crawl your content or page, and then your page not rank on the search engine. For indexing URL you have to use Google Search Console or Web Master Tool with the help of this you can indexing page URL and also get a page analysis report.

5. Link building- Link building is the 5th last important step of SEO. Link building is part of Off-Page SEO. here we submit our page URL, keyword, content on the third-party websites, who allow submitting other website URLs.

Link building includes many types of link submissions like Blog Commenting, Business Listing, Forums Posting, Classified submission, Directory submission, Guest Posting, Article Submission, Image sharing, RSS directory Submission, etc there are many types of link submission according to your webpage.

you can find out that submission site on direct search on google, or some websites provide all submission links on one page you can visit microadia.net for all types of link building submissions.

Here you learn about Search Engine Optimization, what is SEO, and how it works? Hope you get meaning full information about SEO by Digiworldbussiness, We will try to give you more tips & tricks of digital marketing.